D#m                         C#
Ninda noyana hendeawe, sonduruida mona tharam
B                        C#
Dukanethuwamath nowe oba yanna yanawanam
D#m                          C#
Sipa gannata pamanak nam oya dethol lan kare
B                            C#
Winda gannata mama inna, ena niwaduwata ena kam //

[Verse 1]
       D#m           C#         B
Deas wasa, kandulu sala, deas walin
       C#            D#m          C#
Sina sila... Susum walin, katha kala
        B              C#
Oba yanawa, suwanda thiya.... 

D#m | C# | B | C# .........

Looking back at our love though it was a short time

In my jeep under the street light gal u ride by ma side

We used to cruise 120 on the highway, getting copped

Down, but we screamed dat it is our way

Never forget the nite when we danced for the first time

Kissed ur sweet lips gal sweeter than a cherry wine

To never fall in luv was our no 1 policy

It'll never work cos ur million miles apart from me

I still reminisce the nite that we made luv...

You showd me haeven that we built want so above

Sweetie now you gotta go our luv is through

But a starry sky in da nite would still remind me of u 


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